Download The Demo Theme

Two 'Pro' versions of the Options theme have been created to suit the two different types of navigation:
  • Normal Navigation (NN): Sub-menus are displayed only when a parent menu button is clicked.
    Used with Vertical Menu Systems.
  • Full Navigation (FN): Sub-menus are displayed the a cursor is hovers over a parent menu.
    Used with Horizontal or Vertical Pop-out Menus.

Below is a comparison of the features of the 'Pro' and 'Normal' versions of the Options Theme.

  Pro NN Pro FN Options NN Options HFN Options VFN
Cost $25 AU $25 AU $10 AU $10 AU $10 AU
Style Types 57 57 20 20 20
Style Variations 840+ 840+ 280 280 280
Colour Pickers 120 120 66 66 66
Vertical Indented Menus 10 10 6 0 0
Vertical Pop-Out Menus 4 4 0 0 4
Horizontal Pull Down Menus 5 5 0 4 0
Additional Tiled Images *650+ *650+ 0 0 0

Additionally both Pro Versions can be converted from Full Navigation to Normal Navigation (or visa versa). All Normal Options versions cannot.

Read the Theme Notes to find out how to do this. It should only take about a minute or so. If you want both versions without having to do this you can purchase both versions in one bundle.

* To get the free images you have to purchase both Options Pro versions.

Options Pro Theme and MSIE

Before buying the Options Pro Theme you should be aware that it requires the "Consolidate CSS Files" box to be checked in Rapidweavers' Publishing Preferences. This improves compatability with MSIE (It also makes pages load faster). The reasons are fully explained in the Theme Notes.

Download Options Theme Pro Demos

Download the demo of version of Both Options Pro themes (2.0.5).
They are both able to create nice websites even though many styles have been disabled and removed.

To download the theme click on the Link below.
Included in this archive are both the Normal and Full Navigation Demo versions.
This demo website also contains important notes that will help you get the most from the theme.