Options Theme And Customer Support Comments

Below are some of the comments that have been received over the last year or so, about the Options Theme and customer support.

Website addresses have been added where provided.
Thank you for adding the instructions in the email.  I love your theme...I am having fun redoing my website and playing with all the different options, the possibilities!:)

I want to say thank you for all the time invested on me, I really really appreciate that.
Many blessings to you and have a wonderful time wherever you are.

I think it is so cool you embedded these commands (Columns) into your theme.  I went from a window platform to mac so I am converting my web site to Rapid Weaver.  Your software has given me the flexibility to make a similar but much classier site.  

It's nice to have a theme that has everything you could want, only now there is so much, it's easy to forget or miss something.

In response to help with a support question Kermit said:
Wow ... I didn't realize that! Thank you more than I can express. 
Let me know if I should send you some money via Paypal to upgrade the 1.1.4 from normal to full navigation.
Your work is excellent and should definitely be supported!

In response to a recent theme upgrade Kermit said:
I really like the theme; the newer slide show options are great, ad the glowing title/motto effect makes the theme look expensive and professional.

When the Options wheme was updated to V1.1.5:
The number of CSS Styles had Increased from 25 to 43 and the Style variations had increased to 548.
So some customers were asked their opinions about a raising the price from $15 to $20.

As usual Kermit gave the most detailed response:
Before I bought your theme, I had already tried six other themes, all priced between $18 and $25; none did what I wanted (your does), none had anywhere near as many features, and most importantly NOT ONE of the theme's creators' gave me any assistance whatsoever; in that regard, you're unique. Features sold your theme to me as well as its ability to give me the look I sought, not price. So perhaps you are indeed in need of a price hike, especially with all the latest features!  First of the month I'm buying the FN edition from you, by the way. Look at my approach to my business (custom-only products), you'll see why something as fully configurable as your theme was what I wanted. 

Yes, I'd have bought your theme for $20, knowing what I do now. You may want to have a "lite" version for $10 -- the look-and-feel, normal navigation, only one or two features to be the same feature count as the others charging $20 for themes that have five or six features, maybe ten at most. Then have an upgrade path to the full-blown theme. 
Initially 2 'Lite' versions of the Options theme (Normal Navigation and Full Navigation) were created (for $10AU each). Each and have 20 Style Types, 260 Style Variations and 66 Colour Pickers. However, later (to bring the theme into line with current naming trends) "Options themes" were re-named "Options Pro" and the "Options lite themes" re-named "Options".

Wow, you have a lot of stuff in that DMG and theme. I have loaded the theme and snippets and will play with your demo over the next week. 

I love your new options theme. I've been using it for more than a year and just love how everything works.
I'm looking forward to your fixes on the icon in the menus.

Just wanted to say I've bought 2 of your themes and LOVE them - they're so adaptable, so flexible and well-thought out. GREAT stuff!

A suggestion: your HOME page on your store does NOT DO YOUR DESIGNS JUSTICE! It looks rather heavy and cluttered, and dark-looking with the heavy borders --- whereas your designs are so crisp and flexible and beautiful......!!

Kind regards
Jean E

Thanks to this comment the Options website was updated to remove the borders and the text reduced. It still remains a little cluttered, but that is only because we are trying to cram as much information into each page as possible.
... I have received the theme file. It works beautifully. I love all the options it gives me.

Thanks for the very fast answer - options is a fantastic theme.

.... its a very interesting and flexible theme. Great work. Many thanks.

Best regards