Legal Notes

  • Free Updates
    Anyone that purchases a copy of this theme will receive free updates.
    Updates will be sent to the e-mail address used to purchase the theme.
    If you change your e-mail and don't tell us don't expect to receive any updates.
  • Refunds
    The theme is provided as is, and since we have no way of knowing if you have actually deleted the theme you purchased we will not be offering refunds. So, don't say you weren't warned.

    If you want to find out if the Options theme is suitable for you please download the free demo.
  • Support
    If you need any support from for this theme please use the contact form. Please allow 2 business days to respond.
    It will help if you could include the following information in your request:
    1. Detail exactly what the problem is and under what conditions it occurs. Saying "it crashes" is simply not enough information.
    2. Try to detail the various styles that were being used when the problem occurred (Example: Include the width, background colour, header used, etc...)
    3. If possible Send a copy of your themes' "Style Set". To do this click on the cog in the bottom right of the "Page Info/Styles" screen and "Save Style As" option. Then click on "Reveal Styles In Finder" option to reveal your saved style set and attach it to an email and send it in.
    If we cannot workout what the problem is you may need to send a copy of the Rapidweaver file of the website.
  • Theme Graphics
    To the best of our knowledge the icons and images used in our theme are standard public domain. If any turn out to be copyright they will be removed from the themes. The only graphics we have designed are the headers and you are free to use those any way you want (they consist of a line 1 pixel wide and 160 pixels in height).
  • Terms of Use/Licensing
    This theme is subject to © Copyright 2011 by and is provided as is. All CSS files, the index.html file and theme Styles are Copyright © 2011 Now, whilst we will always try to provide an excellent product we wont be held responsible for what it is used for, or if anything goes wrong.

    • The owner of any web-site using this theme must purchase at least one copy of this theme (one copy of the theme per person not per web-site).
    • You only need to purchase one copy of this theme. You can then use it in any number of web-sites that you own.
    • If you are a web-site designer and purchased this theme to use in your clients' web-sites you must purchase a copy of this theme for your client as well.
    • Anyone purchasing this theme can use it for their personal or business needs.
    • You are not licensed to edit this theme for re-distribution or remove any of the copyright notices or documents.
    • You should also obey the terms of use of any public scripts used within this theme.

    If you have any questions, comments or criticisms feel free to e-mail them to us. All e-mails will be answered, but, please allow a couple of days for a reply.