Theme Instructions

This section should help you to get the most from using the Options theme. If you have any questions feel free to use the contact form to ask them.

Rapidweaver 5 And The Options Theme

Prior to the development of Rapidweaver 5 the maximum number of CSS styles included in a theme was limited to 25. This was due to Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE). MSIE allows a maximum of 32 CSS stylesheet links. Exceeding this limit caused errors.
The reason that themes could not have more than 25 CSS Style types was that:
  • Rapidweaver normally uses 4 CSS Style sheets,
  • Plug-ins also used 1 or more CSS Style sheets
  • Users often added their own CSS styles via the Page info/Header/CSS tab
This brought the total up to (and in some cases over) the 32 CSS Style sheet links limit. This really sucked.

Rapidweaver version 5 now allows the consolidation (joining together) and compression of CSS files. Now that this feature has been added the MSIE 32 CSS Style limit no longer applies. This has restricted many theme developers from adding much wanted Style Features to their themes. Now that this restriction has been lifted theme developers can add as many new CSS Styles to their themes as they want. It will also reduce the load time of any web-page due to the fact that not as many files are requested.


All Options Pro Versions are made specifically for Rapidweaver 5+.
All Optios (Normal) versions work with both Rapidweaver 4 and Rapidweaver 5 but have much fewer style types.

Rapidweaver 5 And Adding Assets To A Web Page

As of version 5 of Rapidweaver all additional page assets (directories, pictures, documents, audio, movies etc.) are consolidated. This can save a lot of space and reduce bandwidth for users when downloading different pages. The reason is that once a page is downloaded any re-used assets in subsequent pages should already be in the users cache and not be downloaded again. All you do is drag and drop your assets into the "Resources" section located below the webpages in the left hand side ot Rapidweaver. Then direct all of your absolute filepaths to the resources directory (located in the root directory) of your web-site. There are examples below (header images 1 and 2).

Now, even if you assets do not appear in your preview screen they should appear in the actual web-page (if you got the absolute filepath correct).

Absolute Filepaths

If you have an images directory in the root directory of your web-site ( and want a web-page located in some other sub-directory to use images placed there you can use an absolute filepath (as in header images 3 and 4 below). This will cause the page to load the images/assets no matter where the actual page is located.


If you use RWMultitool and want to show images that you have placed in the themes "images/Editable_Images" directory use the "PATHTO" command (as in header images 5 and 6 below).

The Code

Windows Browsers

MSIE 6: The EasySlider Slideshow does work. Rounded Corners do not work