Theme Styles/Options

These are the Style Types that are included in the ‘Pro’ version of the Options theme. The ‘Normal’ versions have had some groups of styles removed. For the full list of Styles Click Here.

jQuery, Top Margin, Bottom Margin, Container Border, Width

jQuery Scripts
jQuery Migrate (v1.2.1)
jQuery (v1.9.1)
jQuery (v1.10.2)
jQuery (v2.0.3)
Extra Content Containers
EasySlider (v1.7)
jQuery ActiveBar 2
jQuery Cycle All (v2.9.9)
jQuery Easing (v1.3)
jQuery Hover Intent (R6)
jQuery Ifix PNG (v2.0)
jQuery PNG Fix (v1.1)
jQuery Pulse (v1.11)
jQuery qTip tooltip plugin (v2.0)
jQuery UI (v1.10.0)
Shadowbox (v3.0.3)

Top Margin
0 px
10 px - (Default)
20 px
30 px
40 px
50 px
60 px
70 px
80 px
90 px
100 px
125 px
150 px
175 px
200 px

Bottom Margin
0 px
10 px - (Default)
20 px
30 px
40 px
50 px
60 px
70 px
80 px
90 px
100 px
125 px
150 px
175 px
200 px

Container Border
Header Border Colour
Header Border 1px
Header Border 2px
Header Border 3px
Header Border 4px
Header Border 5px

Container Border Colour
Container Border 1px
Container Border 2px
Container Border 3px
Container Border 4px
Container Border 5px

Content Border Colour
Content Border 1px
Content Border 2px
Content Border 3px
Content Border 4px
Content Border 5px

Navcontainer Border Colour
Navcontainer Border 1px
Navcontainer Border 2px
Navcontainer Border 3px
Navcontainer Border 4px
Navcontainer Border 5px

Sidebar Border Colour
Sidebar Border 1px
Sidebar Border 2px
Sidebar Border 3px
Sidebar Border 4px
Sidebar Border 5px

Footer Border Colour
Footer Border 1px
Footer Border 2px
Footer Border 3px
Footer Border 4px
Footer Border 5px

Extra Content Borders Colour
Extra Content Borders 1px
Extra Content Borders 2px
Extra Content Borders 3px
Extra Content Borders 4px
Extra Content Borders 5px

900px (Default)
Variable - 30px from sides
Variable - 40px from sides
Variable - 50px from sides
Variable - 60px from sides

Background, Shadows, Curves, Font Family, HR Lines

No Background Image - Use Colour Picker (Default)
Adobe - Brown
Adobe - Grey
Antique Cork
Brick - Grey (Large)
Brick - Grey (Small)
Fade - Bottom
Fade - Left
Fade - Right
Fade - Top
Lava - Black
Lava - Quartzite
Leather - Blue
Leather - Brown
Leather - Red
Ledgestone - Country
Linen - Blue
Satin - Black
Wood Panel - Dark (Horizontal)
Wood Panel - Dark (Vertical)
Wood Panel - Light (Horizontal)
Wood Panel - Light (Vertical)
RW Multitool - background_01.gif (single image)
RW Multitool - background_02.gif (single image)
RW Multitool - background_03.jpg (single image)
RW Multitool - background_04.jpg (single image)
RW Multitool - background_05.png (single image)
RW Multitool - background_06.png (single image)
RW Multitool - background_07.gif (tiled image)
RW Multitool - background_08.gif (tiled image)
RW Multitool - background_09.jpg (tiled image)
RW Multitool - background_10.jpg (tiled image)
RW Multitool - background_11.png (tiled image)
RW Multitool - background_12.png (tiled image)

Page Header - 5px
Page Header - 10px
Page Header - 15px
Page Header - 20px
Extra Content Containers (1,2,4,10,12,13) - 5px
Extra Content Containers (1,2,4,10,12,13) - 10px
Extra Content Containers (1,2,4,10,12,13) - 15px
Extra Content Containers (1,2,4,10,12,13) - 20px
Sidebar - 5px
Sidebar - 10px
Sidebar - 15px
Sidebar - 20px
Sidebar Header
Sidebar Content Headings (H1-H6)
Menus (Horiz 1, Horiz 2 and Vert) - 5px
Menus (Horiz 1, Horiz 2 and Vert) - 10px
Menus (Horiz 1, Horiz 2 and Vert) - 15px
Menus (Horiz 1, Horiz 2 and Vert) - 20px
Menu (Vert Sidebar) - 5px
Menu (Vert Sidebar) - 10px
Menu (Vert Sidebar) - 15px
Menu (Vert Sidebar) - 20px
Container - 5px
Container - 10px
Container - 15px
Container - 20px
Content Container - 5px
Content Container - 10px
Content Container - 15px
Content Container - 20px
Content Container Headings (H1-H6)
Footer - 5px
Footer - 10px
Footer - 15px
Footer - 20px

Curves - Header, Container and Footer
Off (Default)
15px (Breadcrumb must be set on in site options)
20px (Breadcrumb must be set on in site options)

Font Family
Arial Family
Century Family
Courier-New Family
Garmond Family
Geneva Family
Georgia Family (Default)
Gillsans Family
Helvetica Family
Helvetica-neue Family
Lucida Family
Lucida-Grande Family
Monotype family
Optima Family
Sans-serif Family
Serif Family
Standard Family
Tahoma Family
Trebuchet Family
TrebuchetMS Family
Verdana Family

HR Line Variations
Solid (Default)


Horizontal Menu 1 Background - Dark
Horizontal Menu 1 Background - Light
Horizontal Menu 1 Background - Transparent
Header / EC3 - Dark
Header / EC3 - Light
Header / EC3 - Transparent
Horizontal Menu 2 Background - Dark
Horizontal Menu 2 Background - Light
Horizontal Menu 2 Background - Transparent
Vertical Menu Background - Dark
Vertical Menu Background - Light
Vertical Menu Background - Transparent
Vertical Menu Border - Transparent
Vertical Menu Border (popout menus) - Transparent
Sidebar Border - Transparent
Sidebar Border (popout menus) - Transparent
Sidebar Header - Dark
Sidebar Header - Light
Sidebar Header - Transparent
Sidebar Menu Background - Dark
Sidebar Menu Background - Light
Sidebar Menu Background - Transparent
Sidebar - Dark
Sidebar - Light
Sidebar - Transparent
Container - Dark
Container - Light
Container - Transparent
Content - Dark
Content - Light
Content - Transparent
Footer - Dark
Footer - Light
Footer - Transparent
EC1 - Dark
EC1 - Light
EC1 - Transparent
EC2 - Dark
EC2 - Light
EC2 - Transparent
EC4 - Dark
EC4 - Light
EC4 - Transparent
EC5 - Dark
EC5 - Light
EC5 - Transparent
EC6 - Dark
EC6 - Light
EC6 - Transparent
EC7 - Dark
EC7 - Light
EC7 - Transparent
EC8 - Dark
EC8 - Light
EC8 - Transparent
EC9 - Dark
EC9 - Light
EC9 - Transparent
EC10 - Dark
EC10 - Light
EC10 - Transparent
EC11 - Dark
EC11 - Light
EC11 - Transparent
EC12 - Dark
EC12 - Light
EC12 - Transparent

Extra Content Containers

Extra Content Containers
Container 1 Background
Container 1 Text
Display Container 1
Container 2 Background
Container 2 Text
Display Container 2
Container 3 Background (Top)
Container 3 Background (Bottom)
Container 3 Text
Display Container 3 (Container is in Header)
Container 4 Background
Container 4 Text
Display Container 4
Container 5 Background
Container 5 Text
Display Container 5
Container 6 Background
Container 6 Text
Display Container 6
Container 8 Background
Container 8 Text
Display Container 8
Container 9 Background
Container 9 Text
Display Container 9
Container 10 Background
Container 10 Text
Display Container 10
Container 11 Background
Container 11 Text
Display Container 11
Container 12 Background
Container 12 Text
Display Container 12
Display Container 13 (Transparent Container Below Footer)

Colours, Menu Colours

Body Top
Body Bottom
Border Colour
Header Top
Header Bottom
Site Title
Site Slogan
Container Top
Container Bottom
Sidebar Top
Sidebar Bottom
Sidebar Border Colour
Sidebar Header Background
Sidebar Text Colour
Sidebar and Blog Highlight
Content Top
Content Bottom
Content Area Text
Footer Top
Footer Bottom
Footer Text (Colour of Text in Footer Area)
Footer Links (Colour of Links in Footer Area)
Links - Visited
Links - Hovered (Links colour when hovering over them)
Payloom Product Background
Payloom Product Text

Menu Colours
NavContainer Background Top
NavContainer Background Bottom
Navcontainer Border
Menu Background Top
Menu Background Bottom
Menu Border
Menu Button Active - Top
Menu Button Active - Bottom
Menu Button Active - Border
Menu Button Ancestor - Top
Menu Button Ancestor - Bottom
Menu Button Ancestor - Border
Menu Button Current - Top
Menu Button Current - Bottom
Menu Button Current - Border
Menu Button Hover - Top
Menu Button Hover - Bottom
Menu Button Hover - Border
Navcontainer Text - Normal
Navcontainer Text - Hover
Navcontainer Text - Current
Navcontainer Text - Ancestor

Header Height, Header Location, Header Images

Header Height
100px (Default)

Header Location
Header Attached (Default)
Header Detached
Header Hidden

Header Images
No Header Image - use colour picker (Default)
Easyslider Slideshow - (Set EasySlider Slideshow Type)
Black - 160 pixel max height
Blue - 160 pixel max height
Green - 160 pixel max height
Grey - 160 pixel max height
Orange - 160 pixel max height
Red - 160 pixel max height
RWmultitool - header_01.jpg (single image)
RWmultitool - header_02.jpg (single image)
RWmultitool - header_03.jpg (single image)
RWmultitool - header_04.jpg (single image)
RWmultitool - header_05.jpg (single image)
RWmultitool - header_06.jpg (tiled image)
RWmultitool - header_07.jpg (tiled image)
RWmultitool - header_08.jpg (tiled image)
RWmultitool - header_09.jpg (tiled image)
RWmultitool - header_10.jpg (tiled image)

EasySlider Slideshow Type

EasySlider Slideshow Type
No Effects (Allows other scripts to be used)
Blind X - Slow
Blind X - Medium
Blind X - Fast
Blind Y - Slow
Blind Y - Medium
Blind Y - Fast
Blind Z - Slow
Blind Z - Medium
Blind Z - Fast
Continuous - Slow
Continuous - Medium
Continuous - Fast
Cover - Slow
Cover - Medium
Cover - Fast
Curtain X - Slow
Curtain X - Medium
Curtain X - Fast
Curtain Y - Slow
Curtain Y - Medium
Curtain Y - Fast
Fade - Slow
Fade - Medium
Fade - Fast
FadeZoom - Slow
FadeZoom - Medium
FadeZoom - Fast
Grow X - Slow
Grow X - Medium
Grow X - Fast
Grow Y - Slow
Grow Y - Medium
Grow Y - Fast
Scroll Down - Slow
Scroll Down - Medium
Scroll Down - Fast
Scroll Left - Slow
Scroll Left - Medium
Scroll Left - Fast
Scroll Right - Slow
Scroll Right - Medium
Scroll Right - Fast
Scroll Up - Slow
Scroll Up - Medium
Scroll Up - Fast
Shuffle - Slow
Shuffle - Medium
Shuffle - Fast
Slide X - Slow
Slide X - Medium
Slide X - Fast
Slide Y - Slow
Slide Y - Medium
Slide Y - Fast
Toss - Slow
Toss - Medium
Toss - Fast
Turn Down - Slow
Turn Down - Medium
Turn Down - Fast
Turn Left - Slow
Turn Left - Medium
Turn Left - Fast
Turn Right - Slow
Turn Right - Medium
Turn Right - Fast
Turn Up - Slow
Turn Up - Medium
Turn Up - Fast
Wipe - Slow
Wipe - Medium
Wipe - Fast
Zoom - Slow
Zoom - Medium
Zoom - Fast

Logo Alignment,

Logo Alignment
Top 0px
Top 10px
Top 20px
Top 30px
Top 40px
Top 50px
Top 75px
Top 100px
Top 125px
Top 150px
Top 175px
Top 200px
Top 225px
Top 250px
Left 0px
Left 10px
Left 20px
Left 30px
Left 40px
Left 50px
Left 75px
Left 100px
Left 125px
Left 150px
Left 175px
Left 200px
Left 225px
Left 250px
Centre (Logo Width 50px)
Centre (Logo Width 100px)
Centre (Logo Width 150px)
Centre (Logo Width 200px)
Centre (Logo Width 250px)
Centre (Logo Width 300px)
Centre (Logo Width 350px)
Centre (Logo Width 400px)
Centre (Logo Width 450px)
Centre (Logo Width 500px)
Right 0px
Right 10px
Right 20px
Right 30px
Right 40px
Right 50px
Right 75px
Right 100px
Right 125px
Right 150px
Right 175px
Right 200px
Right 225px
Right 250px

Title Capitalisation, Title Font Size, Title Effects

Title - Slogan Alignment
Left (Default)

Title Capitalisation
Normal (Default)
Small Capitals

Title Font Size
1.125em - 18px
1.400em - 22px
1.500em - 24px
1.600em - 26px
1.800em - 29px
2.000em - 32px (Default)
2.250em - 36px
2.350em - 38px
2.450em - 40px
2.550em - 42px
3.000em - 48px

Title Effects
Site Title
Title Glow - Tiny
Title Glow - Small
Title Glow - Medium
Title Glow - Large
Title Italics
Title Rotate - Left
Title Rotate - Right
Title Shadow - Tiny
Title Shadow - Small
Title Shadow - Medium
Title Shadow - Large
Title Underline

Slogan Capitalisation, Slogan Font Size, Slogan Effects

Slogan Capitalisation
Normal (Default)
Small Capitals

Slogan Font Size
0.875em - 14px
0.950em - 15px
1.000em - 16px
1.050em - 17px
1.125em - 18px (Default)
1.200em - 19px
1.250em - 20px
1.300em - 21px
1.400em - 22px
1.450em - 23px
1.500em - 24px

Slogan Effects
Site Slogan
Slogan Glow - Tiny
Slogan Glow - Small
Slogan Glow - Medium
Slogan Glow - Large
Slogan Italics
Slogan Rotate - Left
Slogan Rotate - Right
Slogan Shadow - Tiny
Slogan Shadow - Small
Slogan Shadow - Medium
Slogan Shadow - Large
Slogan Underline

Menu / Sidebar Location, Menu Type, Menu Capitalisation, Menu Effects,

Menu - Sidebar Location
Vertical Menu Left / Sidebar Left (Default)
Vertical Menu Left / Sidebar Right
Vertical Menu Left / Sidebar Hidden
Vertical Menu Right / Sidebar Left
Vertical Menu Right / Sidebar Right
Vertical Menu Right / Sidebar Hidden
Horizontal Menu Above Header / Sidebar Left
Horizontal Menu Above Header / Sidebar Right
Horizontal Menu Above Header / Sidebar Hidden
Horizontal Menu Below Header / Sidebar Left
Horizontal Menu Below Header / Sidebar Right
Horizontal Menu Below Header / Sidebar Hidden
Menu Hidden / Sidebar Hidden (Flash Screen)

Menu Type
Vertical - Indented - squared button
Vertical - Indented - curved button
Vertical - Indented - shrinking squared button
Vertical - Indented - shrinking curved button
Vertical - Pop-Out (Left) - squared button
Vertical - Pop-Out (Left) - curved button
Vertical - Pop-Out (Right) - squared button
Vertical - Pop-Out (Right) - curved button
Horizontal PullDown - square button
Horizontal PullDown - curved button
Horizontal PullDown - Top curve button
Horizontal PullDown - (Apple)

Menu Font Size
Menu - Fontsize .0750em (12px)
Menu - Fontsize .0875em (14px)
Menu - Fontsize 1.000em (16px)
Menu - Fontsize 1.125em (18px)
Menu - Fontsize 1.250em (20px)
Menu - Fontsize 1.400em (22px)
Menu - Fontsize 1.500em (24px)

Menu Capitalisation
Normal (Default)
Small Capitals

Menu Effects
Horizontal Navbar - Height 24px
Horizontal Navbar - Height 30px
Horizontal Navbar - Height 36px
Horizontal Navbar - Extend to Page Edges
Horizontal Navbar - Make Border Transparent
Horizontal Menus - Extend to Page Edges
Horizontal Menus - Float Right
Horizontal Buttons - Width 140px
Horizontal Buttons - Width 150px
Horizontal Buttons - Width 160px
Navbar Opacity - Dark
Navbar Opacity - Light
Navbar Opacity - Transparent
Sub Menu Background Opacity - Dark
Sub Menu Background Opacity - Light
Sub Menu Background Opacity - Transparent

Menu Button Effects - Active, Ancestor, Current, Hover, Sub-Menu Icons

Button Effects - Active
Button - Padding 4px (Top/Bottom)
Button - Padding 6px (Top/Bottom)
Button - Padding 8px (Top/Bottom)
Button - Padding 10px (Top/Bottom)
Active - Font (Bold)
Active - Font (Italics)
Active - Font (Shadow)
Active - Font (Underline)

Button Effects - Ancestor
Ancestor - Font (Bold)
Ancestor - Font (Italics)
Ancestor - Font (Shadow)
Ancestor - Font (Underline)

Button Effects - Current
Current - Font (Bold)
Current - Font (Italics)
Current - Font (Shadow)
Current - Font (Underline)

Button Effects - Hover
Hover - Font (Bold)
Hover - Font (Italics)
Hover - Font (Shadow)
Hover - Font (Underline)

Sub-Menu Icons
No Icons (Default)
Arrow (01)
Arrow (02)
Arrow (03)
Arrow (04)
Arrow (05)
Arrow (06)
Arrow (07)
Asterisx (Red)
Spinning Star
Tick (Large)
Tick (Small)

Sidebar - Header Font Size, Header Capitalisation, Header Font Align, Content Font Size, Content Font Capitalisation, Content Font Align, Line Height

>>>>> Sidebar <<<<<

Sidebar Header Font Size
0.800em - 13px
0.875em - 14px (Default)
0.950em - 15px
1.000em - 16px

Sidebar Header Capitalisation
Normal (Default)
Small Capitals

Sidebar Header Font Align
Left (Default)

Sidebar Content Font Size
0.625em - 10px
0.700em - 11px
0.750em - 12px (default)
0.800em - 13px
0.875em - 14px

Sidebar Content Font Capitalisation
Normal (Default)
Small Capitals

Sidebar Content Font Align
Left (Default)

Sidebar Line Height
Sidebar Line Height - (Default)
Sidebar Line Height - 1.125em (112.5% - 18px)
Sidebar Line Height - 1.200em (120% - 19px)
Sidebar Line Height - 1.250em (125% - 20px)
Sidebar Line Height - 1.300em (130% - 21px)
Sidebar Line Height - 1.400em (140% - 22px)
Sidebar Line Height - 1.450em (145% - 23px)
Sidebar Line Height - 1.500em (150% - 24px)
Sidebar Line Height - 1.600em (160% - 26px)
Sidebar Line Height - 1.800em (180% - 29px)
Sidebar Line Height - 2.000em (200% - 32px)

Content Columns, Content Font Size, Content Font Capitalisation, Content Font Align, Content Line Height

Content Columns
1 Column (Default)
2 Columns
3 Columns
4 Columns
5 Columns

Content Font Size
0.700em - 11px
0.750em - 12px (Default)
0.800em - 13px
0.875em - 14px
0.950em - 15px
1.000em - 16px

Content Font Capitalisation
Normal (Default)
Small Capitals

Content Font Align
Left (Default)

Content Padding
Top - 5px
Top - 10px
Top - 15px
Top - 20px
Right - 5px
Right - 10px
Right - 15px
Right - 20px
Bottom - 5px
Bottom - 10px
Bottom - 15px
Bottom - 20px
Left - 5px
Left - 10px
Left - 15px
Left - 20px

Content Line Height
Content Line Height - (Default)
Content Line Height - 0.750em (12px)
Content Line Height - 0.875em (14px)
Content Line Height - 1.000em (16px)
Content Line Height - 1.125em (18px)
Content Line Height - 1.200em (20px)
Content Line Height - 1.400em (22px)
Content Line Height - 1.500em (24px)
Content Line Height - 1.500em (26px)
Content Line Height - 1.800em (29px)
Content Line Height - 2.000em (32px)

Footer Location, Footer Font Align, Credit AA Site Designs

Footer Location
Footer Attached (Default)
Footer Detached
Footer Hidden

Footer Font Align
Left (Default)

Credit AA Site Designs
Display AA Site Designs Copyright Notice In Footer

Blog Title, File Sharing Styles, File Sharing Icons, Payloom, Photo Album

>>>>> Miscellaneous <<<<<

Blog Title
Blog Title
Blog Title Background
Blog Entry Date
1.0 em (16px)
1.125 em (18px)
1.2 em (19px)
1.25 em (20px)
1.4 em (22px)
1.5 em (24px) - (Default)
1.6 em (26px)
1.8 em (29px)
2.0 em (32px)

File Sharing Styles
File Sharing Item Border
File Sharing Item Background
File Sharing Item Text
File Sharing Item Description Text
File Sharing Item Description Background
Box (Square Corners) - 1 Column (Default)
Box (Square Corners) - 2 Columns
Box (Square Corners) - 3 Columns
Box (Round Corners) - 1 Column
Box (Round Corners) - 2 Columns
Box (Round Corners) - 3 Columns

File Sharing Icons
No Icon (Default)
Box / Archive
Hard Drive
Music CD
Sound File

Payloom Products Background Colour
Payloom Products Text Colour
Payloom Products Border Colour
Payloom Products Curves - 5px
Payloom Products Curves - 10px
Payloom Products Border - 1px
Payloom Products Border - Groove
Payloom Products Border - Ridge
Payloom Products Border - Solid
Payloom Products Shadow - 3px
Payloom Products Shadow - 5px
Payloom Products Shadow - 10px
Payloom Products Shadow - 15px
Payloom Products Shadow - 20px
Payloom Products Height - 200px
Payloom Products Height - 210px
Payloom Products Height - 220px
Payloom Products Height - 230px
Payloom Products Height - 240px
Payloom Products Height - 250px

Photo Album
Thumbnail Frame Background
Thumbnail Frame Border
Thumbnail Frame Border Hover
Thumbnail Image Border
Thumbnail Image Border Hover
Photograph Frame
Photograph Navigation Background
Photograph Navigation Link
Photograph Navigation Link (Hover)
Thumbnail Frame - Align Top
Thumbnail Frame - Border 1px
Thumbnail Frame - Curved
Thumbnail Frame - Groove
Thumbnail Frame - Ridge
Thumbnail Frame - Shadow
Thumbnail Frame - Shadow (corner only)
Thumbnail Image - Border 1px
Thumbnail Image - Curved
Thumbnail Image - Groove
Thumbnail Image - Ridge
Thumbnail Image - Shadow Light
Thumbnail Image - Shadow Heavy
Photo Header Shadow
Photo Nav. Container - Shadow
Photo Nav. Thumb - Shadow
Photo Frame - Border
Photo Frame - Shadow